About us

Our success shows that a one-dimensional approach was never our strength. Walk the talk is my motto, and this is quite simply what I do.

I speak four languages, which means I also have a thing or two to say in international business. I started my career directly after finishing my degree in business administration in Munich. I met the wonderful Ion Tiriac. Working with and for him was the best and most superb training I could ever have had.

Many years of exciting experience in Germany and abroad have enriched me personally and professionally. I have even partly worked on two continents in parallel: for instance, in Santo Domingo arranging events with 8,000 people, while at the same time organizing large events in Munich (Constantin Film, German Film Ball, German Cinema Awards, etc.). Today I work in an area which I also enjoy a great deal: Communication at its best!

Together with my business partner Dr. Marion Soceanu, I have specialised in Public Relations and Investor Relations. With its strong international orientation, my agency is a guarantee for large projects and success. Please take a look at my testimonials – they speak for themselves.

We work together with partner agencies all over Europe. Since we and our team always deliver work of the highest quality, we are well connected in a global network spanning the globe. Many of our customers have become and partly still are my friends today. In terms of our work, that just about says it all.

Curriculum Vitae: I was born in Romania. After gaining my degree in Business Administration in Munich, Germany, I decided to pursue a career in marketing and communication. I began my professional career working for Ion Tiriac World Wide Enterprises. I have been the self-employed owner of my own agency since 1995.