Strategic Public Relations

How can you get the most out of strategic Public Relations in the drive to sharpen your company’s public profile and its image?

BMW, Lufthansa and even the Vatican:
They all work with press and public relations to enhance their image and raise public awareness and to support their sales. PR agencies knock on everybody’s door because they are needed. But which agency is the right one and why?

  • Every day we hear about companies who have thrown away money on PR measures.
  • They don’t exactly know what PR is and what it can do, and what it really should cost to make it a win-win situation.
  • Or we listen to what disappointed CEOs or marketing bosses tell us:  “We had a PR agency – but that didn’t do much for us!”

Along with traditional and online-PR, we also offer an information and advisory service:

  • We provide information and advise without wanting to sell you “something” you don’t need.
  • We will let you into the secret of what genuine PR cost/benefit looks like.
  • We will present you with fairly priced and very efficient PR solutions
    all WITHOUT a long-term agreement!

Are you already doing PR internally or through a PR agency, but it’s not going so well?

  • We will analyse what your company really needs in terms of PR.
  • We will analyse the errors and identify optimisation potential.
  • We will advise you or your department.
  • If you wish, we will work only behind the scenes.
  • We would be happy to optimise your press releases as they frequently do not conform to journalism standards.

We will advise you with a strong focus on your target group(s) –
over the longer or shorter term, or only on a project basis!